Looking at a Rainbow Through a Dirty Window


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Sheetmusic Book published 2024

3 versions of Calum Stewart’s tune “Looking at a Rainbow Through a Dirty Window”. Published with permission from Calum.

  • Advanced ArrangementThis arrangement is based on the version I recorded with my duo guitarist, Ron Jappy, on our 2019 album SPARKS. It includes a transcription of the break improvisation from the album. I vary this every time I perform the tune.
  • Simpler ArrangementThis arrangement is the version I have been teaching to harp players around the world since 2008. It includes a harmony section allowing you to play it in a duet or in an ensemble. This can be played at a slightly slower tempo.
    Please note, it is NOT possible to play this version along with the advanced arrangement as it has different chordal harmony.
  • Original MelodyThis is the original melody as written and performed by Calum from his 2008 album Earlywood. It includes some additional parts to the tune.