Northern Sky

If you enjoy the sound of the harp and want to hear it at the top of the mix and also played with exceptional flair and poise, then the Rachel Hair Trio’s latest release is the record for you. Certainly amongst this country’s finest exponents of the Celtic harp, Rachel manages to capture on disc the same sort of atmosphere of a live performance, her playing only enriched by her musical companions Jenn Butterworth on guitar and Cameron Maxwell on double bass. Born and raised in the village of Ullapool up in the Highlands, Rachel continues to explore the possibilities of the harp on this her fourth album since her debut in 2007. The eleven selections range from Irish, Scots, Manx and Norwegian tunes to contemporary and self-penned material, including one or two songs performed by Jenn Butterworth, the sole voice on Trì, Allan Taylor’s timeless Roll on the Day, the haunting traditional song My Darling Fair One and Jenn’s own sumptuous Angel.

Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky