Shetland Tour Day 2

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I’m currently spending a week touring the Shetland islands bringing my harp, tunes and stories in live performances to patients, residents, children and staff at 10 different care settings across the islands.
The trip is being organised by the fantastic organisation Music in Hospitals Scotland and has been made possible thanks to Total E&P UK Limited.

I’ve had a lovely day in the southern half of the Mainland of Shetland playing two concerts.

My first one in Lerwick I had a lovely resident join in with a few tunes with her harp… albeit the smaller, much more portable blues harp! If only I could fit my harp into my handbag…

The second concert was down near the stunning Levenwick beach in the most homely of care homes with residents who enjoyed my playing and were eager to chat with me afterwards.

An early finish meant I had the chance to explore a bit, so I braved the elements (it’s 7 degrees, very windy and rather wet today!) and went for a walk to the beautiful St Ninians Isle…. I was relieved I brought a thermost of tea with me! Afterwards I drove further south, had to wait at the airport runway crossroads (!) for a plane to take off, and then went to see the famous colonies of seabirds at Sumburgh head. Unfortunately I was a bit too early in the day for the puffins but I did manage to make friends with a beautiful Shetland pony.

Tomorrow I head up to the North isles, to play in Yell and Unst. Let’s hope the wind calms down so the ferry crossings are gentle to me…