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I’m thrilled to announce my new harp book – JOURNEY with the HARP: FROM HOME is now available now for purchase, both in hard-copy and PDF (instant download) formats. The book is really a result of being stuck at home for a year andmaking the most of having time to revisit old arrangements and finding joy in them and then discovering new tunes to arrange and fall in love with!

With 20 arrangements (elementary-advanced levels), the book features tunes from Scotland, the Isle of Man, Cornwall and Galicia alongside my own compositions. Each tune comes with background information and fingering,.

I’m planning to gradually release videos of the tunes, so keep an eye out on my Facebook page and the Harp at Home YouTube channel, where I’ll post them.

To purchase, visit my website shop HERE

Tunes in the book: 

  • The Last Captain
  • Chyndaa yn Bwoailley
  • Muineira do Chao
  • Arrane ny Niee
  • Cameron Donald’s
  • Boscastle Breakdown
  • Tune for Esme (on Tri album)
  • Fhuair mi Nead na Gurra-gùig
  • Ali Bobo
  • Mo Chailin Dileas Donn
  • The Black Isle
  • Captain O’Kane
  • Da Slockit Light (VIDEO HERE)
  • Callum’s Jig
  • Willie Coleman’s
  • Da Bixter Rant
  • Da New Rigged Ship
  • Sunset Squatters (on SPARKS album)
  • An T-Iarla Diùrach
  • The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside (on Tri album)