New album AND video

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I’m so pleased to announce the launch of my new album with the Manx Gaelic singer Ruth Keggin. Funded by our wonderful Crowdfunders, Creative Scotland and the Isle of Man Arts Council we recorded it in the beautiful Erin Arts Centre, in the south of the Isle of Man in October 2021.

We’ve had some wonderful reviews for it so far and it’s just fantastic to and a relief to know folk are enjoying it so much!

You can order the harp copy HERE

and download MP3s of it from Bandcamp HERE

You can also stream it from the usual places, but we’d really appreciate you buying a hard copy or downloading the MP3s from bandcamp as that gifts us the most revenue.


We have also *just* released a video of one of the tracks on the album – Mish as y Keayn. Filmed by Brook Wassall in Colby Glen and on the west coast of the island you can view it below.