Spring & Summer COVID-19 Update


Wow, so the world has really changed since myself and Ron got back from New Zealand at the start of the month.
We’re currently unable to gig or rehearse together, but this is for the best as we’re doing our part to protect the NHS, and our friends, family and loved ones, here in Scotland.


It’s sadly meant BIG changes to what our schedule was to be over the next 6 months. Here’s an update of how things stand just now:


3 – 8th April

Edinburgh International Harp Festival, SCOTLAND – CANCELLED

Rachel course.

The physical EIHF was cancelled this year, meaning Rachel could not teach her 2×5 day courses. HOWEVER the festival did manage an online version, with daily concerts & workshops. Rachel co-ordinated this, presented it and taught the Monday 4pm workshop. You can still see it and the other films at www.harpfestival.co.uk


19th April


Rachel workshop.

We hope to have this in late 2020, or 2021


8 – 9th May


Rachel & Ron gigs.

We hope to have this in late 2020, or 2021.


15th – 17th May

The Harp Gathering, OH, USA – POSTPONED

Rachel course.

Rachel will now be teaching at this from 14-16th May 2021.


5 – 7th June

National Celtic Festival of Australia – CANCELLED

Rachel & Ron gigs.

Rachel & Ron were due to perform at this and be involved in a Feis Rois education project the week before. We hope that we will be able to do all this in 2021 instead.


10 – 23rd June

Japan Tour – POSTPONED

Rachel & Ron gigs/workshops.

We are re-booking this for May/June 2021.


26 June – 3rd July

Ohio Scottish Arts School, Cleveland, OH, USA – TBC

Rachel courses.

At present, this is still going ahead BUT Rachel’s attendance is subject to the entrance of UK citizens to the USA and the issuing of her US visa. At present the US embassy is closed so this is a challenge.


5th – 11th July

Common Ground on the Hill, Westminster, MD, USA – GOING ONLINE

Rachel & Ron courses and gigs.

Full teaching weeks going online – more info at www.commongroundonthehill.org


12th July

House Concert, Biglerville, PA, USA – POSTPONED

Rachel & Ron gig.

We hope to return here in 2021


16 – 19th July

Somerset Harp Festival, NJ, USA – GOING ONLINE

Rachel course.

The full festival is going online and Rachel will be teaching her planned courses – more information at www.somersetharpfest.com


21 – 24th July

Fèis Phàislig, Paisley, SCOTLAND – GOING ONLINE

Rachel & Ron courses.

More info to follow.


4 – 5th August

Sidmouth Folk Festival, Sidmouth ENGLAND – CANCELLED

Rachel & Ron gig.