WOW! I’ve been nominated TUTOR OF THE YEAR at theMG ALBA  Scots Trad Awards 2020!

👉You can vote for me HERE
👉 And read about my nomination (some Qs they asked me!) HERE
It’s been a heck of a year but well this news has really brought a smile to my face. It’s honestly just kept me going being able to teach workshops all around the world for so many harp festivals and organisations (still got to see so many pals that way!) and filming my 2 series’s of
Harp at Home with Rachel Hair (3rd one coming in early 2020) has helped me feel connected to you all, and given me a goal every week which has just been a lifesaver.

And well zoom! Yay for zoom being able to let me see my weekly Scottish students and monthly Dutch students. And a huge thanks to

Culture Vannin for letting me use it to continue to teach my monthly students on the Isle of Man.
I’m also very excited that the VIRTUAL Edinburgh International Harp Festival has been nominated in EVENT OF THE YEAR. Many of you will know that I started of lockdown life by co-ordinating the moving of our real life harp festival online. It was a crazy 4 weeks of configuring things as restrictions kept constantly changing. We managed it though, and I am so pleased for them that they’ve been nominated.
So aye, hope you can lend your votes to these!